APC Symbol “Wahala” Rocks Lunsar

By SulaimanJuldeh Bah

With the dust yet to settle over the award of party symbols across the country, it has emerged that all is not well in Lunsar town, Port Loko district, where the award of APC parliamentary symbols has triggered widespread protest.

Such protests is not new in Port Loko district, the main bastion of the governing APC party, where quite recently there were similar protests in the aftermath of the selection of Dr. Samura Kamara as APC presidential standard bearer and Hon. Chernor Maju Bah as running mate respectively.

The latest of several protests took place in the wake of the refusal by the party not to award symbol to the popular choice of the people, Osman Karankay Conteh.

According to aggrieved Port Loko people, Karankay is but their man of choice and are standing firmly behind him as he now contest as an independent candidate.

They say while he (Karankay) was serving as Member of Parliament representing Constituency 050, and in 15 months, he brought landmark development to places in Marampa and surroundings.

He also built bridges, prayer places and offered scholarships to pupils to enable them further their education.

“What Karankay did for people of constituency 050 since the return of multiparty democracy in the country must have compelled the APC awarding him the symbol to enable him continues his good works,” People of constituency 050 said.
That because the APC failed awarding him the symbol, they (residents of Constituency 050) have been left without option but vote against the unpopular candidate that was awarded the symbol as well as the APC presidential candidate in the coming elections.

Chairlady Constituency 050, Ya Bundu recalled developmental strides by Karankay during his tenure as Member of Parliament representing their constituency.

She promised not only vote against the APC preferred choice, but also give the party a good run for its money by vehemently voting against persons awarded party symbols as Councilors, MPs and presidential candidates in the entire Port Loko district.

She urged Karankay to contest as independent candidate, and assured him of their votes come March 7.

In his response, Karankay lashed at APC party officials who were sent to Lunsar to conduct independent assessment of the town’s most popular aspirant in the midst of aspiring candidates, accusing them of transmitting false report to the party’s head office in Freetown after being influenced with brown envelops.

He maintained that even though he is APC, he is ready to listen to what his people say, warning, however, that despite the fact that it was the party that awarded him symbol the last time, it was his overwhelming popularity that took him to parliament.

It is true Karankay was last awarded the APC symbol just when Isata Kabbia was appointed Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs a little over a year ago.

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