Leaks are that the APC 2018 Running mate is to come from the Western area, and that a well-liked female politician, Afsatu Kabbah, or the current Trade Minister, Allieu Pat Sowe, have together been eyed for the position.

It is true the APC, over the years, had a hold in both the Western rural and urban areas of Sierra Leone, which in 2012 saw the party making a landslide win over opposition SLPP on parliamentary and local council seats respectively.

But as the party prepares for the coming 2018 general elections, reports are that it may lose its Western rural and urban strongholds if care isn’t taking in the choice of Running mate.

Accepted among the party’s membership is the former Minister of Energy, Fisheries and now Sierra Leone’s High Commissioner to Nigeria Afsatu Kabbah, whose Western area popularity more or less outweigh all in the APC.

Afsatu’s political popularity has spanned way back in 2007 when the APC took a sweeping win over the SLPP in the Western area, that which also has seen the party winning the presidential election too.

A source tells the New Age that the APC is contemplating on having Afsatu as its Running mate in the 2018 elections or, worse case Pat Sowe, who doubles as country’s Trade Minister.

Afsatu was born and raised in Freetown, Sierra Leone to Muslim parents from the Oku community.

She completed her primary and secondary education in Freetown. She adopted her husband last name Kabba.
On 14 May, 2002 Sierra Leone general election, Afsatu ran for seat in parliament as candidate of the then opposition All People’s Congress (APC) from the Western Area Urban District and won one of four seats in parliament reserve for the Western Area Urban, but her party’s presidential candidate Ernest Koroma won only 19.4% of the vote in the presidential election compared to the incumbent President Ahmed Tejan Kabbh of the Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) 70%.

On October 16, 2007, newly elected Sierra Leone’s president Ernest Koroma named Afsatu as the country’s minister of energy and power.

Afsatu is known for her popularity within the Muslim community and has had unregulated hold over number of Muslim followers; a religion colossally populated in Sierra Leone.

It is not known whether President Koroma’s presumed objective of choosing his Foreign Minister, Samura Kamara as APC’s presidential candidate still holds.

And even though the APC is yet to choose its presidential flagbearer, findings have it that attempt by the President to impose Samura Kamara as flagbearer for the 2018 elections was regretfully rejected by the membership of the National Advisory Council (NAC) in a recently held meeting at the party’s Freetown office.

Allegations are that the NAC meeting ended in chaos and because of this, the president was compelled to organize a dinner for intending flagbearer aspirants at his state lodge so that he can convince them follow his choice of leadership in 2018.

That at the dinner, Koroma lay emphasis on his earlier statement to APC NAC members that he wants unity and harmony in the party and therefore needs a candidate that will make the party win the coming elections.

It is believed, however, that Koroma had told some members inside the NAC that his aspirant of choice is Samura Kamara, and that he is determined convincing NAC and the party toe his line.


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