APC PLOT EXPOSED! …Plans To Scatter Presidential Debate

The upcoming presidential debate on 15th February faces a danger of no-show courtesy last minute attempts by the ruling All Peoples Congress(APC) to frustrate the organisers.

This news portal has uncovered plans of some mischievous elements tied to the apron-string of the APC to file emergency court papers seeking injunction against organisers from holding the event.

Your authoritative Salone Today understands that the ruling APC fears the debate will not favour their presidential candidate, Dr. Samura Kamara who is already enmeshed in unpopularity in every part of the country.

“He doesn’t have the outspokenness to match up to the likes of Kandeh Yumkella, Sam-Sumana and Maada Bio. It will be a disaster as we all can see,” an APC chieftain has confided.

He added, “We face a stiff cluster of opposition in our history as a political party. We have made this known to our colleagues but they are hell-bent on ignoring the obvious truth.

“My brother, what is wrong if we approach Sam-Sumana and other colleagues who defected to come back home. We need unity.”

Several secret meetings of the APC party echelons monitored by our reporters revealed coordinated plans to get an immediate injunction on the debate. One law firm, operating from downtown Freetown is feverishly working on this devious plan.

APC party executives are also opposed to the presidential debate because of an alleged closeness of Spokesperson of the National Grand Coalition, Dr. Julius Spencer to lead organisers, AYV Empire.

However, sources close to the organisers have discounted claims of any bias, maintaining that the event will go ahead as scheduled.

They told Salone Today that their contribution is in the best interest of Sierra Leone.

A high-ranking member of the debate organizing committee said, “What’s wrong with putting together aspirants who want to lead this country to state their readiness and policy mettle? We shall consult all the political parties to make this event a success.

We are working with the PPRC, NEC and civil society. We are ready for any law suit. Only evil and unpatriotic people will take steps to frustrate this genuine effort at cross-fertilising ideas.”

This news portal can state that a very independent Sierra Leonean who has made giant strides in the world of communications will be moderating the debate on 15th February.

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