APC ‘Kuss-Kass’ Plans to Impose Samura Kamara Backfire

It is obvious the ruling APC will not make public the unfortunate vis-à-vis the party’s National Advisory Council (NAC) meeting as was held past Friday at their regional headquarters in Freetown.

Reliable information reaching the New Age revealed how the APC NAC Meeting as was chaired by President Koroma ended in a stalemate.

That the meeting was peaceful but went uncontrolled following President Koroma’s recommendation that ‘the APC should look for a flagbearer that is likely to uphold unity in the party,’ as according to him, there is deep division from among the membership.

This, we are told, resulted in the President attempting to impose the current Minister of Foreign Affairs, Samura Kamara, on the party.

To this, no doubt, saw the NAC meeting degenerating into serious confusion with no less a person but the Minister of Education, who doubles as Chairman of Tonkolili remarking that: “Samura Kamara isn’t a politician but a professional, and that the APC needs a seasoned politician.”

The confusion caused the meeting to forcefully go into a moment of recess and upon resumption, President Koroma and the APC Secretary General, Osman Foday Yansanneh were left without option but to read out new dates for the party’s lower level elections and convention which is slated for October.

Supporters of APC at the party’s office were divided amongst wannabe Presidential candidates of the APC.

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