Efforts’ covering up the potential successor of President Koroma has to some extent come to light.

Of course, it is no longer a secret that the President wants his Foreign Minister his heir to the throne.

Samura Kamara has been showcased to the world as he now represents President Koroma to the United Nations, where he is to make a Statement on behalf of Sierra Leone.

His presence at the club of Presidents and Prime Ministers is in way having him acquaint himself to a gathering of such nature should he be the next Sierra Leone president.

Samura Kamara, New Age understands, is likely to meet with world leaders even as President Koroma is at home pulling the strings to have him appointed as the APC 2018 presidential candidate.

That he will as well be meeting with the likes of the Presidents of China, Nigeria, Ghana and Israel as well as holding side meetings with business people from such countries.

Meanwhile, President Koroma is yet to tell Sierra Leoneans why he has not attended the United Nations General Assembly, or having his Vice President, who is his principal assistant represents him, but rather his Foreign Minister Samura Kamara.

Reports are that effort by the President in imposing Samura Kamara on the party’s National Advisory Council has failed because the membership is divided between the country’s Vice President Victor Foh and Mines Minister Minkailu Mansaray.

As recent as Thursday 14, President Koroma organized a dinner for APC flagbearer aspirants and to the amazement of all is that he invited Samura Kamara, who never had declared any interest in the leadership of the APC.

Samura Kamara’s introduction as a potential APC flagbearer aspirant shocked the entire membership of the party.


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