The governing APC party has been accused by clique squad members of using and abandoning their god-father, who also doubles as ‘Street Ambassador,’ Sheki Ibrahim Koroma following recent Campbell Street violence.

It has been reported that Sheki was among 56 clique members arrested Friday 26th for fermenting violence during the APC presidential and running mate rally around Campbell Street.

Some clique members reportedly went on the rampage thus terrorizing peaceful citizens, which incidentally warranted police intervention to put the seeming carnage to rest.

According to police spokesperson Supt. Ibrahim Samura, he said after putting the situation under control, a house at No. 104 Campbell Street was searched with 43 cutlasses, 5 pick axes, dozens of shovels and other offensives weapons discovered.

He further confirmed the killing of one, wounding of countless number, theft of valuables and the destruction of properties worth millions.

The police have arrested 56 alleged clique members including their god-father and have also taken in their custody weapons discovered for further investigation.

That it as a result of the arrest of number of persons believed to be clique members that other aggrieved clique associates have resorted into blasting the APC party, accusing them of abandoning Sheki (the clique god-father) who has been an active and strong member of the party, charged with the responsibility of organizing and recruiting clique and gang members across the country for the party.

They (clique members) further recalled that their god-father, Sheki was also responsible for coordinating APC women involved in cleaning drainages and gutters across Freetown and as such, even in the face of such grave accusations the APC should not have abandoned them.

They similarly blast the APC National Publicity Secretary, who also doubles as the Deputy Minister of Information, Cornelius Deavaux for distancing the party from the street violence that erupted during the party’s nomination rally.

The clique members took a swipe at Deavaux for denying the involvement of APC supporters in the violence and the membership of Sheki, a thing, which, according to them, is part of the 99 tactics of the party.

It could be recalled that Sheki and Alhaji Usman Boie Kamara defected from the main opposition SLPP and joined the APC in 2012 and since then, he (Sheki) has been a surreptitious operative of the ruling party who is believed to have been receiving millions of Leones and expensive vehicles from the party, to in turn do the dirty jobs for them.


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