Another SLPP Trouble… Andrew Keili Withdraws From Flagbearer Race

One of SLPP flagbearer aspirants who came third in the party’s 2012 convention has withdrawn his bid for flagbearer come 2018.

Engineer Andrew Karmoh Keili announced his withdrawal at well attended Press Conference held at the Sierra Leone Association of Journalists (SLAJ) Freetown office Wednesday 13th.

His reasons for withdrawal were that the current executive of the SLPP is predominantly loyalists of the previous flagbearer and that they having superintending the race for leadership so far.

That the party has not done a performance review to address it failings and that it administrative and financial capacity to address current and future needs remain severely constrained.

He said the party’s mediation and arbitration mechanism have fallen apart as the trustees and elders have either become complicit in illegal actions or abandoned the party altogether.

“Violence and intimidation, abusiveness, tribalism and regionalism, illegalities in elections and intolerance have become the hallmark of the party,” Kieli claimed.

He maintained that his personal attempts to reach some accommodation with the opposite faction within the party have been unsuccessful, noting nonetheless that had flawed election of a flagbearer of their choice.

“Consequently, I have made this decision but in consultation with my family and supporters, not to participate in what, to all extent and purposes will be a coronation and in the imminent convention, as this will lend credence to the actions that have brought the SLPP to this unfortunate state. I will, in the coming weeks, apprise you of my future political plan.”

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