Another Bad Deal… Victoria Park Leased For 25Yrs to Sanusi Bruski

By Alhaji Koroma

Public Relations Officer Freetown City Council, Cyril Mattia, has confirmed to New Age that Victoria Park now called the Freetown Amusement Park is on lease to one of SLFA’s presidential aspirants and ruling party operative, Sanusi Bruski, for 25years.

Cyril Mattia claimed “Sanusi Bruski teamed up with the Freetown City Council to provide funding for the Victoria Park project.”

He nonetheless did not tell the exact amount expended on the project.

“It is a joint venture. We provided him with the land and security and he provided the finance,” he said.

That Sanusi Bruski will be running the Freetown Amusement Park as a business enterprise, and the council expect of him to pay lease rent and municipal licenses as required.

He said Freetown City Council will in the soonest possible time hand the park over to Sanusi Bruski.

However, the New Age has been intimated that the deal for the country’s colonial park is but a bad one, as Sanusi Bruski will merely be given pittance to the council but in return makes billions.

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