Among the over 16 wannabe APC flagbearer aspirants, only Alpha Kanu has submitted application letter for selection/election/endorsement for leadership to the APC party.

Kanu’s application letter triggered number of APC party stalwarts to consider him “the most serious of flagbearer contenders in the party come the 2018 general elections.”

Content as in letter sent to the APC states that he (Kanu) is Selected/Elected as nominee to contest for the 2018 Presidential Elections.

Reasons put forward by him relate to the fact that he has been a loyal, committed, long term and fully paid up member of the APC dating from the days of youth activism in the 1967 general elections, through to his aspirations to contest the proposed 1992 general election for the Freetown Central 1 Constituency, and to his present elected position as the party’s National Publicity Secretary.

That throughout this period (some 50 years engagement in the party’s political and social affairs), he has remained a steadfast, dedicated, committed and loyal member.

Kanu is one of individuals to have vested interest in the leadership of the APC, of course, the only aspirant claiming to be a suitable trainee/apprentice of President Koroma with vast experience in the governance of the
state of Sierra Leone over the years.

He is also one of few aspirants that have signed off their positions in a way not going against the Sierra Leone 1991 constitution.

But other schools of thought say he is but a soiled politician, who at one moment, has had his hands in the siphoning of moneys of Sierra Leonean Muslims once trying to make their way to the holy land of Mecca on pilgrimage.

This, many claim, saw hundreds of Muslims devastatingly stranded in Nigeria, not able to make it for Saudi where they would have completed one of the pillars of Islam.

However, Kanu’s bank on is based on the fact that he is but President Koroma’s trainee; and that he has served the party for years and has had diverse experience on issues of governance and of his APC party too.

In 2007 – 2009, he was Minister of Presidential and Public Affairs and Presidential Spokesman; 2009 – 2010: Minister of Mines, Mineral Resources and Political Affairs and Presidential Spokesman; 2010 – 2013: Minister of Political and Public Affairs and Presidential Spokesman; 2016 – 2016: Special Adviser to the President and Ambassador at Large, 2017 – Present: Special Envoy and Ambassador at Large, Pro bono.

He has also served in the incapacities as Spokesman for the APC Leader and Chairman and Presidential Candidate, National Publicity Secretary and Spokesman for the Party, and at Present the National Publicity Secretary and Spokesman.

It is still not known whether others aspiring for leadership of the APC intend submit their application letters to the party’s Secretary General as was done by Kanu, or will give the latter the chance to be an unchallenged candidate.

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