SONKOH-SONKOH still remembers that Liberian Music which says “everybody want to become president, da wan na lie.”

This is but exactly the situation Sierra Leone finds itself now; that every Jack, Jill thinks he/she is a Presidential Material and so should be considered a Presidential material… Sheoooooo! Son tem dem feel sae Salone nar bomeh!

Who to blame for this upsurge though? The SONKOH SONKOH has asked because he thinks people intend putting curse on poor mother Salone.

Or is it because SUPREMO has made the Presidency so attractive that people could see no other job than the top notch?

No wonder relatives of SURPREMO have had endless moments parading with stolen moneys as they convince people support their dreams for presidency.

Some of those who now say they want to become President know within themselves they aren’t Presidential Material neither in the opposition nor the ruling party.

As for Party FALLING SUN, the upsurge of Presidential Candidates is but a sign that the center can no longer hold and SUPREMO himself can no longer control his commanders too.

Imagine a whole ruling party having up to 15 candidates, which simply means there is certainly no control from within, making the so-called selection process much more compounded for the SUPREMO. U nar go learn!

Bo even man wae sick sef wan turn President bo!!!

Smells rotten for party FALLING SUN you know. Aren’t some of those fighting for the top notch known one has to have the stamina and temperament to rule a whole nation?

The SONKOH SONKOH’s guess is that people, those who now fight for Salone’s top office know Sierra Leoneans will no longer spend money on a sick President as it is now in countries yanda, save to say it will be wise if moneys spent on campaigns are used for something much better than the impossible.

Over the SONKOH SONKOH’s dead body would a gbenkilenki be made Sierra Leone’s next president? Betteh go DOBAKEH en enjoy di penny wae u don pick pick.

SALONE will not want the same fate as it is with OGA TONG, where Oga BUHARA is now in the west seeking medical attention even as OGA TONG is in economic limbo.

The Media should be very proactive in assessing and scrutinizing people wanting to hold public office, in particular, Presidency, so at the end of the day SALONE will have clean president.


The recently concluded bye-elections have spoken thing loudly. In cases where party FALLING SUN won, they won only by the skin of the teeth.

Even in the seat of power-Makeni, party FALLING SUN almost lost to the newly established Democratic Alliance Party, which in itself was a wakeup call by the people that indeed party FALLING SUN has not helped solving their problems at all.

What happened in Kambia (the stronghold of party FALLING SUN) has explained total rejection by the people.

In a local bye election the party FALLING SUN had used all the paraphernalia, spending huge amount of money, yet beaten by an independent candidate! Quite too strange though! Of course, a warning shot too.

The people are speaking! A word for a wise…


The former UN Man, who wants to be President under party TORKPOI, has decided to suspend his aspiration of becoming President under Party TORKPOI; rather he will be doing so under a GRAND COALITION.

Hahahahahahaha… oh party TORKPOI! From court cases to now resignation?

Bobs! Allowing a very big fish such MACHISMO and GANGSTERISM leave the TORKPOI for a GRAND COALITION?

But wait O, has the resignation of MACHISMO and GANGSTERISM (YKK) connected to the fact that he cannot challenge our own Rtd. BRIGADIER in a convention because he knows he will suffer a major blow?

The coalition thing should have been people led, but the way we are seeing it, it seems as if it is a coalition of renegade and disgruntled politicians and if that is so, am afraid such a coalition will yield no fruit.
It seems as if history is repeating itself in Party Torkpoi oh!

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