Airtel on US$117 M Investment Expansion

By Alhaji Koroma

One of country’s GSM companies, Orange trading as Airel-SL, has invested over one hundred and seventeen million United States dollars in the improvement and expansion of its datacenter which is found located at Spur Road west of Freetown.

The datacenter is regarded as the brain of Airtel’s network programming just when it recently migrated from a cubicle room at Wilberforce to an ultra modern structure at Spur Road.

According to Shekou Drame’, Chief Executive Officer Airtel, he said an additional thirty three million united states dollars was used to buy modern equipments in order to meet the standards of current telecommunications settings the world over.

During a press conference held Friday 7th at the Airtel’s headquarters at Hill Station Freetown, Shekou Drame’ recalled moment he took over as MD of the company in July 2016, how right-away he and his team started getting good understanding of the network and which direction to go.

“We needed to renew the equipments to ensure quality service delivery,” he said.

“We are of the consciousness that all is not okay with our customers when it comes to service delivery. We are not here for ourselves, but we intend ensure quality network services for our customers, one earnestly working to meet goals, standards and objectives.”

Drame’ noted that they are in an industry which is capital intensive and they believe that social responsibilities and customers’ experiences are among their key priorities.

Laurent Marie Kiba, Marketing Manager Airtel, pointed out that his company present focus is on the improvement of the network and its products.

“We have a lot of issues that have raised eyebrow among members of the public, and addressing them is of critical importance to us,” he said.

He added that they have made sure that the old datacenter is completely redundant and all materials to improve and expand it are now in the country and have been installed.

“Out of 230 generators, 105 have been replaced and 249 hybrid system battery backup replaced.”

He said the new datacenter is a fireproof and was efficiently programmed to give steady and effective network services to consumers.

“At the end of these installations, which will be pretty soon, we are assured of giving out 97% customer satisfaction,” Laurent Marie Kiba self-righteously stated.

He said the new datacenter will add ten million more subscribers to the network.

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