Committee on Agriculture Forestry and Food Security is on oversight visit to the southern region. Chairman of the Committee, Hon Alimamy G Kargbo said the committee is not witch hunting them.

He said that they should explained their successes and challenges.

District Agriculture Officer for Bonthe, Musa Kandeh said that in their 2016 devolved activities in the district, they want to established multiplication sites with three farmers base organizations.

Kandeh further told the committee that he had procured 700 kilo grams of ground nuts which they have given out to farmers, adding that they have procured high breeds, nursery seedlings, increased livestock production, routine and maintenance.

He pointed out that they have vaccinated the livestock to prevent them from sickness, claiming that the agriculture engineering have procured inland valley swamp rice at Impereh Chiefdom.

According to him, they have rehabilitated 5 hectares of swamp rice.

The Extension Officer Daniel Fenton Koroma said the youths are brushing the road at kambia as they have employed 28 youths for road brushing.

He said that they are paying them on a daily bases and they have engaged the youths at the district and they explained that they want to do coconut oil production.

The Deputy Chairman Hon Aaron Koroma asked what the present status of Bonthe Turmabum and how did he see agriculture in the next one year at Bonthe district.

The district agriculture officer pointed out that turmabum is used to have mechanical units known for rice cultivation but that they have engaged the private sector.

Koroma from Kambia on the other hand told the committee that they have supported 17 farmers’ base organizations in the district.


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