By Alhaji Koroma

Senior investigative officer of the Anti Corruption Commission North, Umaru Sesay has yesterday Monday 20th March 2017 testified before Justice Alieu John Bosco in relation to a case between the Anti Corruption Commission and staff of a nongovernmental organization called TNT -Needy Today.

According to Umaru Sesay, his works as an investigator of ACC North are to investigate cases, allocate and testify in court.

He said that on 6th December, 2015, he received information from GOAL Sierra Leone’s internal auditor, Sulaiman Bah against TNT-Needy Today in relation to the implementation of a project titled “Consolidated Action for Protection and Empowerment.”

He disclosed that GOAL Sierra Leone allocated the funds to TNT Needy Today targeting victims of the Ebola Virus Disease amounting to Le 354,191,850.

He added that the said occupied 67% of the total funding.

The ACC’s investigator noted after receiving the information, he then contacted the internal auditor, Sulaiman Bah for a statement in which he stated that the internal auditor produced documents as bank statements, bank payment, request forms, copies of Rokel Commercial Bank Cheques in the names of Magbinti Community Hospital, Abu Wise

Enterprises, Sympathizers Enterprises, Joseph Conteh, Santos Sesay, Elizabeth Satta Lebbie, Gastin Amara.

Umaru Sesay pointed out that there was a memorandum between TNT Needy Today and a Swiss Sierra Leone Development Foundation, owner of the Magbinti Hospital.

Umaru Sesay said that the internal auditor claimed the documents were given to him by GOAL Sierra Leone.

He stated that 1st July 2015 TNT Needy Today signed an MOU with GOAL Sierra Leone titled “ Protection of the Vulnerable Group During the Ebola Outbreak Response,” and that the projected should be in the 13 chiefdoms of Bombali District with a period ranging from 4th July, 2015 to 30th November 2015 focusing on five key areas: nutrition, child support, psychosocial support, gender base violence, disability/elderly.

It could be recalled that Duada Amid Koroma, Jessie Jemmy Brima Kapoi, Alfred Mustapha Bangura all of TNT-Needy Today were arrainged in High Court No. 1 before Justice Alieu John Bosco on 24 counts charges of misappropriation of donor funds meant for the protection of vulnerable group during the Ebola contrary to section 37{1} of ACC Act No 12 2008.

The presiding Judge also denied the accused persons bail for the second time on the premise that the case attracts too much public concern and it is a test of his reputation.
The ACC prosecutor was Sariffon Harleston and the accused persons were represented by Christian F Edwards.
The case was adjourned for 27th March, 2017.


  • March 22, 2017 at 5:23 pm

    As a nation, salone have fallen prey to the impossible expectation that Sir Milton counselled against nearly 60 decade ago.

    A government by the people, for the people, and of the people is only as wise, as just, and as free as the people themselves;. Ignorance and indifference inevitably erode our freedoms and destroy our republic. It is not without cause that one national discourse in recent times has been so histrionic and hateful.

    At it core true education, or leadership is more than facts and figures;- It engages and enriches the soul. It rightly orients one to understand his or her place in the wider world, to pursue truth, beauty and perhaps most importantly to understand why the pursuit of these things matters, not just for occupational productivity, but to know how to live.

    It is this knowledge that makes self-governance possible. It is this knowledge that will maintain our freedoms did not stem from a low view of education, indeed, education is vital to forming, the kind of virtuous and active citizens who could successfully govern themselves.

    A popular government, without popular information, or the means of acquiring it, is but a prologue to a farce or a tragedy; or , perhaps both knowledge will forever govern ignorance; and a people who mean to be their own governors, must arm themselves with power which gives.

    Religion, morality ,and knowledge being necessary to good government and the happiness of mankind, schools and the means of education shall forever be encouraged.

    Education is metrics;- an increasingly complex set of measurable, quantifiable, standards designed to prepare students for productivity in the workforce. It ignores the soul and is anathema to the development of virtues which is the lifelong process of seeking and loving truth, and without which no human let alone an ape can live a genuinely satisfying life.

    Education is fundamentally a spiritual and moral understanding and as such it is well beyond the capabilities of the state to teach. We need citizens who understand liberty and justice, who objectively pursue truth and who will ardently champion these values in the public squares of African countries. Only a holistic form of education that takes the content and context, the vision and values, of our salone into account can create such citizens and preserve their freedom in the generations to come.


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