By Mariama B. Bah

The Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) has briefed Journalists on the pay no bribe campaign.

The briefing took place on Friday 23rd September 2016 at the ACC Office in Freetown.

Deputy Director of Outreach and Public Affairs Patrick Sandi said the reason they engaged journalists was to introduce the “pay no bribe campaign.”

He explained that the main aim of the briefing is to solicit the support of the media for them to fully implement the campaign by educating the public to report corruption related issues to the Commission.

He disclosed that ACC will today Monday 26th September 2016 launched their platform.

He said the campaign is for journalists to familiarize themselves inter alia with the platform on “pay no bribe”.

He pointed out that a lot of work has been done, on pay no bribe campaign and the entire project.

“So we believed that it is very important to enlighten the media through the platform and in order for journalists to disseminate the information to the public.”

He mentioned the pay no bribe campaign is a project supported by the United Kingdom and the government through the Department Fund for International Development (DFID) while the Anti-Corruption Commission will provide leadership.

He added that it is project that seeks to address the issue of bribery and corruption in key service delivery institutions.
Sandi said it’s a pilot that will be implemented in four districts-Western area, Bombali, Kenema and Bo.

“It is about unanimous reporting through the platform so that the people will be able to stop corruption in targeted pilot Ministries Departments and Agencies which includes the Police, EDSA, Ministry of Education and Water sector” Sandi said.

Furthered that “trend analysis will be done on the levels of corruption in these sectors.”

He said that what they want to achieve at the end is to reduce bribery and improve service delivery.

He said they are appealing to the public to behave responsibly by making sure that they report whatever bribery they encounters, so that they can build a better nation.

Koloneh Sankoh Director of pay no bribe campaign said the campaign is one of the strategic ways to stop bribery and corruption in the country.

She said few years back Sierra Leone was said to be the highest in the area of bribery and that is the reason they are calling on the media to take keen interest in the pay no bribe as a way of preventing corruption.


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