By Abdulrahman Koroma.
Joseph Fitzgerald Kamara Commissioner of Anti–Corruption Commission on Friday 18 September 2015 commissioned a bridge in Makeni.

The bridge links Old Mabanta Road and Old Lunsar Road to a Major park in Makeni.

In his statement, the ACC Boss said he sensed the problem of the bridge at a time he was in a huge traffic along the Lunsar Road where drivers struggled with their car to go in and out of the park.

He said he decided to call one of key stakeholders at the parking ground to know the reasons for the traffic.

Joseph F Kamara explained that the man told him that the cause of the traffic was due to lack of proper bridge system, leading the park to major roads.

He said after having conversation with the man he called to know the cause of the traffic, the Drivers union at the parking ground called him into a meeting where they asked him to help them with a bridge that will link them in and out of the park.

He said after listening to their cries, he challenged himself to construct a bridge that will stop the massive traffic along the road.

He said he was more inspired to construct the bridge to rescue drivers from what they have been going through in and out of the parking ground.

He said he cannot stand it to see drivers go punish just to have their living because he taken care of by a driver to become who he is today.

He said he remembered how his uncle faced too many challenges to see how he could take care of their needs at home.

“Our world must transform to a place where one must help others with what God has blessed them with, not a world where you enjoy your wealth without sharing with others,” He said.

He thanked God for giving him the strength to help others. He also extended his thanks and appreciation to the President Ernest Bia Koroma for giving him the job he is being paid to do.

The Anti Corruption Boss said he has been playing his own part to help humanity, but he has always been a man who doesn’t like to make publicity with what he has done for people.

He said few weeks back they were at the Makeni cemetery to clean, construct and paint the fence and also pay respect to the dead.

He said among the few things they have done his organization has also donated 100 bags of cements to the Okada riders in Makeni to finish a building they complain that they have lost fund to finish.

He added that his foundation is doing it because they think they must give back what they can to the society. He said he is of the opinion that when one helps others God will bless the person the more.

He encouraged the audience to give back what they can to help their societies, adding that they must not wait until they have enough to help others.

The National Drivers Union President, Amadu Bah thanked Joseph Fitzgerald Kamara for his kind gesture to the union.

He said they also need JFK to help them tackle the issue of Traffic wardens and police collecting monies from drivers which has led to most drivers avoiding the profession due to constant harassment for money.

“Our drivers cannot afford to pay the huge sum of money they are requesting from them” he stressed.

He said if such problems are not address their will be no drivers on the street to take people to their various destinations.

He said the traffic wardens have been issuing tickets to drivers on an unprofessional manner that does not support the laws of the country.
He said driving has been a profession they have been using to support their families’ needs and that harassing them for monies they cannot afford will destroy their livelihood.

The Northern Region Drivers Union Chairman, Alhaji Sas said Joseph Fitzgerald kamara has been the Second person to help them.

He added that President Koroma was the first to support the northern region drivers to archive their dreams in the driving profession.

He added that JFK only listened to them for few hours and brings out a better solution to stop their menace.
He thanked JFK for his great support to the union. He said a lot of people they have helped to be where they are today, have never come back to give what they promised them.


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