900 War Injured Threaten Demo

Soldiers wounded during the Sierra Leone’s eleven years cruel war have threatened protest if backlog pension owed them isn’t paid them within weeks.

Head War wounded, Tamba Ellie, made this assertion in an interview with democracy radio Tuesday 24th.

He confirmed they have not been receiving their twenty thousand leones pension since 2009 till date.

He further revealed that the planned protest will be looking at two key issues- government’s refusal in its fulfillment of payment of pensions and an increase in their monthly pension from twenty five thousand to the current salary rate.

He said efforts having a talk with the current Army Chief, Lieutenant General John Milton, have always failed woefully.

That as former soldiers, the eleven years war has rendered them handicap thus making them go on retirement before time.

“While people in lucrative public offices live better with their family, we who have been cramped and made upset by the war have been left to suffer abject poverty with our family,” Ellie regretfully said.

He acknowledged there is no turning back to the protest, but will stand down if their demands are met.

He accused the current Army Chief of not paying any attention to legitimate concerns of persons wounded in action, that he has timelessly tried reaching him for a talk but all have proven futile.

“It is a shame that in this day age, people still receive pension at less five dollars a month,” Ellie unhappily said.

Lieutenant General John Milton denied allegations against him that he has not been showing any concern to the plights of war wounded soldiers, but confirmed a committee to look into concerns of the over nine hundred personnel has been set up ever since he took up office as Army head.

He said a report as put out by the committee has been forwarded to state house for further instruction.

It is a fact protests in Kabala and Moyamba have resulted in the killings of two and the burning of houses owned and belonging to number of society’s stakeholders.

The public is reportedly calling on government to engage the war wounded, possibly speedily look into their demands and not allow them stage any form of protest at all.

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