$82 Million for Mudslide Recovery

The World Bank Country Director for Liberia, Sierra Leone and Ghana, Henry Kerali has informed news men at his World Bank Office in Freetown that Sierra Leone needs USD83 million for mudslide recovery.

He said preliminary findings of the disaster and loss assessment report done by World Bank and other UN agencies estimated damage done by the mudslide in Freetown at 30 Million Dollars.

According to Kerali, the Word Bank took into consideration small businesses, transport facilities, health and educational facilities that were destroyed as a result of the flood and mudslides.

He said the 82 Million Dollars estimated for the recovery has been divided as follows: 15 Million for the constructions of foot bridges and other immediate facilities, 25 Million for Medium term and 42 Million for long term recovery.

Kerali further said that there is also the technical component of the survey and that the technical analysis that was given for the mudslide is heavy rains, which he claimed had soften the ground on the foot of the hill, which also resulted into a landslide thus washing away the lower foot of the hill.

It is true the Sierra Leone mudslide killed over a thousand people on August 14.

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