419!!! Femi Hebron, Bami Baker To Cough-Up €375, 626.94

By Abdulrahman Koroma

As Justice Komba Kamanda of the high court of Sierra Leone maintained judgment previously slammed by a colleague high court Judge in the same court and on the same subject, popular Businessman, Olufimi Boyle Hebron is to pay €374,626.94.

Justice Kamanda Tuesday 8th requested that the defendants maintained the previous judgment slammed on them by the court.
Recently, the High Court of Sierra Leone, presided over by Justice Musu Demba Kamara, in a judgment delivered on 10th July, ruled to the favour of White Lion Company Limited as against Bami Baker and Olufimi Boyle Hebron aka Femi Hebron (first and second defendants) on a matter of a Gold Processing Refinery.

The learned Justice pointed out that the first and second defendants deprived the plaintiff of his property and that the first and second defendants should return the Gold Processing Machine and the generator on a good status or pays a replacement cost of €374,626.94 for the processing machine and $9000.00 for the generator.

The defendants were also ordered by the court to pay the said amount in Leones as par the exchange rate on the 10th July, 2017.

The judgment furthered that the defendants should also pay damages of two hundred and fifty million Leones as living expenses to the plaintiffs and seven hundred and fifty million Leones for wrongful detention of the two machines (gold processing machine and generators) for several years.

The court also requested that the defendants pay an accessed cost of one hundred million Leones, adds: “since the matter has been before the court in 2009, the plaintiff has been paying for the services rendered to him by his three lawyers and the court took it into consideration.”

It could be recalled that the plaintiff Berardi Giovanni (an Italian citizen) in 2009 claimed that the first defendant sold their gold processing refinery to the second defendant without his authority or consent, and that the plaintiffs requested for the return of the said gold refinery on several occasions but all was in vain.

The Plaintiffs stated that the defendants have refused to return his properties, and that they have also failed to give account of the proceeds of sale.

The lawyer of the first defendant argued that his client had authority from the second plaintiff for the sale and that his client did not admit that the said gold processing refinery belongs to the Plaintiffs.

Reference must be drawn to a public statement once made by defendant businessman and politician, Femi Hebron, as he dismisses claims by plaintiff Italian born Giawani Biradi that he (Femi Hebron) “was a crook.”

Femi even held a press conference where he confidently told journalists that allegations against him as was aired on ‘Monologue’ programme Citizen Radio FM 103.7 that “he was a crook” was completely untrue.

His exact words to journalists were that: “my hands are clean. I am not a crook or skimmer by any estimation,” adding: “I don’t even know Italian born Giawani Biradi and I have never done any business with him.”

He claimed he bought a gold refinery machine from one Bami Baker for use as business by his daughter and her husband.

He said the machine costs US$100,000 (one hundred thousand dollars) at the time and that he bought it cash, revealing that he has all supporting documents to the effect.

However, previous and recent rulings by the high court have proven otherwise and are suggestive of the fact that Femi’s hands weren’t clean, but dirty.

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