35 Days To Go… JFK, John Sisay, Others Are Mosquitoes

The latest of flagbearer Aspirant that has declared her intention for the Presidency of Sierra Leone under the ruling All People Congress party, Hon. Rev. Marie Yansanneh yesterday referred to the likes of Joseph Fitzgerald Kamara , John Bonor Sisay and other aspirants as mere “mosquitoes.”


The seasoned female politician and former Member of Parliament made this statement during the SLBC good afternoon show ‘PODIUM’ Wednesday 2nd while explaining her reasons for contesting for the highest office in the land.

She said however that apart from Koroma’s current Vice President, JFK, John Bonor Sisay and others are mosquitoes, who only came in when already the APC is in power.

“Where were they during the struggling days? Trust, they are nothing but mere mosquitoes. I will only work with Victor Foh if he is given the leadership and no one else.”

She explained that she has all it takes to become the first female President of Sierra Leone for the fact that she has been a long serving Parliamentarian.

She lashed out at those claiming to be National Advisory Council (NAC) members of the party, jokingly asking the question: “What is NAC? They are just there ‘NACING.'”

Hon. Yansanneh is not the first of Presidential Aspirants who consider themselves as ‘old guards’ of the party as they condemn those they considered strangers.

Last week, a local tabloid quoted the Minister of Works and Infrastructural Development Kemo Sesay (who has also declared his intention for leadership of APC) as implying that “JFK, John Bonor Sisay and others are opportunists who came to the party only when it is in power.”

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