Alhaji Salieue Turay, age 22, is on self exile owing to falls cultural practices.

Report says he has since left shores of his West Africa homeland Sierra Leone following attempts by family as well as Poro society members (a secret society as practiced in parts Sierra Leone), to undeniably have him initiated into the society.

Alhaji being one of number of victims to have suffered inhuman treatments due to bad cultural practices, in 2015, narrowly escaped initiation and ill-treatment from uncompromising Poro society members, and such has since left many pondering over his whereabouts.

Of course, unconfirmed reports are that his escape has caused serious divide from his family members.

That there are those in favour of him being initiated, while the others say such is a violation of the boy’s human rights.

They say Alhaji’s late father was a member of the Poro society and rose to the rank of Chief Priest.

That he was always telling colleague members that his male children must be part of his society, possibly having them be heirs to his position after death.

This, however, in 2015, shortly after his death, saw society members go after young Alhaji, compelling him go through initiation or risk being severely dealt with by means of witchery.

Reference must be drawn to situations in which young Sierra Leoneans have had never-ending moments crossing borders of other countries for safer havens, to accordingly avoid initiation into occultism or maybe death threats upon refusal to do so.

Alhaji’s case, our findings revealed, was compelling of the membership of the secret society because his father was a Paramount Chief and a former Chief Priest of the society.

His escape has since angered the membership of the cult society and has also brought fear in minds of number of fellow young men, who certainly have no interest becoming a part of such an uncultured secret society, but are in fear of act of vengeance by society members should they refuse becoming members in the future.

Alhaji’s uncle is reportedly a strong member in the society and has had unrelenting moments galvanizing associate society members go after persons believed to have helped the former (Alhaji) escaped initiation as was intended.

It is not known whether Alhaji has found safety in a foreign country or is in hiding somewhere unknown.

Poro is the oldest of secret societies in Sierra Leone.

It plays greater role in politics and decision making at provincial levels.


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