Musa Tarawally Facilitates Le300M Startup Cash for Mudslide Survivors

Former APC Minister, Alhaji Musa Tarawally through the Sierra Leone Muslim Missionary Union Wednesday 30th gave Le300 million startup cash to 100 mudslide survivors.

Musa said the support has come from the Ummah Welfare Trust UK, a charity organization known the world over.

That an amount totaling Le300 million was offered by the Ummah Trust Welfare for one hundred families affected by the recent mudslide disaster.

Musa said the condition of survivors could be devastating if they are not cared for.

This, he righteously stressed, has prompted him to approach charitable organizations the likes of Ummah Trust Welfare, asking them give support to persons devastated by the recent mudslide disaster.

“It is my understanding that the disaster has left some thousand or so people homeless, with majority losing family members to the catastrophe,” he said.

“We should certainly not leave the victims/survivors alone, but give them helping hands; otherwise, the situation will no doubt beat them down.”

“That is why,” he said, “the Ummah Welfare Trust, Sierra Leone Muslim Missionary Union and I decided to give money as startup cash to 100 survivors in a way trying to transform their lives for the better.”

He encouraged the beneficiaries to accept their present situation, as according to him, Allah is there for them and will divinely protect them.

Meanwhile, on 25th August, Musa also facilitated the donation of five hundred bags of rice and other food condiments to five hundred mudslide victims in Freetown.

Sheik Abdul Zaki Kallon, President Muslim Missionary Union thanked Musa for his efforts in making such donations reach the targeted beneficiaries, adding that they are grateful to Allah and the Ummah Welfare Trust for providing financial and other supports to victims.

He noted that other victims who did not benefit from the money will be considered in the near future.

He has also recently donated food items worth billions as iftar to Muslims in the just commemorated Islamic month of Ramadan.

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